About the project

The project “Gammopoly – The game of life for adult education” is a project of strategic  partnership in adult education field, developed by a consortium of 5 European organisations  from Romania, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Poland on a period of 20 month.  The main aim is to facilitate the access of adults to innovative methods of non-formal education, through which they can develop key competencies and life abilities for a better insertion on the labour market, that is more and more focused on technology and continuous training

The project face from the need of adults to be continuously focused on their personal, professional and familial development, so they can have healthy decisions for their lives. Another important need is the one of the specialists in adult education, which don’t have very extended tools for personal development of adults, including the development of social skills, key competencies and abilities for a healthy lifestyle. For answering these needs and problems, the 5 organisations proposed a new intellectual output – a board-game named Gammopoly, including a work methodology in the field of adult education and a website through which promote this kind of non-formal education instruments. Also, the toolkit with have recommendations for the professionals which are working with people facing difficulties (as disabilities, refugees, migrants, persons with lower socio-economic background).


The main objectives of the project are:

O1. Facilitating the development of key competences that are asked on the labor marked from Europe, for adults, through developing some innovative non-formal learning tools in the educational field – the project proposes the development of a board-game that can be played with the family, with the group of friends, but also as an activity in team-building sessions or during personal development workshops for adults.

O2. Increasing the working skills of specialists in the field of adult education (trainers, psychologists and psychotherapists, psychological counselors, coaches, human resources specialists etc) for developing some innovative activities with the purpose of integrating in an easier way the adult on the work market, but also integrating them in more diverse-groups, as professions or educational and socio-economic background.

O3. Developing the organisational ability for 5 organisations from the adult’s education field, for developing innovative work tools in this field, within the activities with adults and the extension of the education services offered to them, so as to reduce the discrepancy and competitiveness in the labor market between young people and adults, integrating the specificity and experience of each target group in a unitary way.


1. Documentation – this first stage has been done during 4 months of project by the researchers of the 5 project teams. The following topics has been documented: the stages in the family life cycle, the life skills and abilities necessary for the transition and the adaptation to the next life stage. Also, the most effective non-formal learning methods in the field of adult education and the specific dynamics of this target group have been studied, in order to integrate the GAMMOPOLY game.

2. Development of the GAMMOPOLY game – it is the most laborious stage of the elaboration of this intellectual product and it has been carried out during 5 months, involving several members of the project team.The game has taken a final shape, both in the workshop version and in the box boardgame for all partner countries. The game is in English version and also it has been translated into the mother tongues of partner countries to facilitate the participation of adults from different backgrounds who do not necessarily know English. For this stage, the partners have worked together to reach a final format regarding the structure, the materials used, the symbols, the contents of the cards and the instructions.

3. Testing the GAMMOPOLY game– it has been carried out during 5 months of the project, and each partner organization  organized 10 sessions of GAMMOPOLY (5 in the  boardgame version, 5 in the workshop version), with a minimum of 15 participants / session. At the end of the sessions there was a debriefing (the self-debriefing  and the facilitator version), and the participants have given feedback regarding the impact that the game had on them. The selection of the test participants has been made by open call, by age categories. No other conditions or criteria of separation have been applied, but adults with reduced opportunities and those from different  socio-economic and cultural backgrounds has been taken into account.

4. Improvement and launch of the game – has been done during 3 months of the project – it was a  period in which has been analyzed the feedback from the participants and from the trainers /  specialists and volunteers who participated in the testing.


“GAMMOPOLY: The Game of Life” is a board game based on the systemic theory of the phases of the family life cycle, which considers that each person / family goes through successive stages of development throughout life and in transitions from one phase to another . Each person / family is challenged to acquire certain skills, life skills, etc. in order to face difficult situations and adapt to the new stage of development.


The Italian Multiplier Event in Palermo

The Italian Multiplier Event in Palermo

On Wednesday 13th April it took place the Multiplier Event (ME from now on) of the project in the CEIPES office, located in Palermo, Italy. The ME was placed inside the context of the “Spring Festival”, an opportunity to celebrate the spring season with people in and...

The Game of your life is yet to come!

The Game of your life is yet to come!

Between the 5th and the 6th of April, the consortium of the strategic partnership GAMMOPOLY held its final Transnational Project Meeting. The 5 European partner organisations: Gamma Institute, CEIPES, Aspaym Castilla y Léon, Check-in and IAiRS, have discussed the...

Testing phase in Spain

Testing phase in Spain

The testing pase was carried out with different groups of the adult population, covering rural and urban areas, older people and young people in transition to adult life, and people with and without disabilities. The conclusions are different depending on the groups,...

Training course – 6th-10th September 2021- Online

Training course – 6th-10th September 2021- Online

On the 6th and 10th September 2021, the consortium of GAMMOPPOLY project met for the training learning teaching activity that was held online. The participants instead COVID-19 Pandemic organised the learning activity in order to acquire skills of gamification and...


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