On Wednesday 13th April it took place the Multiplier Event (ME from now on) of the project in the CEIPES office, located in Palermo, Italy.

The ME was placed inside the context of the “Spring Festival”, an opportunity to celebrate the spring season with people in and outside the CEIPES organization. During the festival, almost 100 people had the chance to get know the project thematic, like the concept of gamification as a new method of non-formal education and the acquisition of soft skills, i.e. several abilities which a person should learn to get more results in every context of life, from work to socialization (e.g. time and money management, communication skills, problem solving, etc.).

In the first part of the day, CEIPES gave a presentation in which the results of the project were showed to the audience, as the creation of the board game and the rulebook. During the afternoon, instead, several young adults had the opportunity to test the final version of the board game, with great enthusiasm and involvement by the participants.

The feedback was really positive: the game is fun and instructive at the same time, showing how it can be possible to link both entertainment and education. This is what the game was meant to be: to allow the players to make decision about life situation on their own, relying on their skill to manage the available resources.

More information about the project can be found on Facebook.