During the week from 22nd to 25th of February, it took place in Lublin (Poland) the LTTA of the “GAMMOPOLY” project.

The main aim of the project is to facilitate the access of adults to innovative methods of non-formal education, through which they can develop key competencies and life abilities for a better insertion on the labour market, that is more and more focused on technology and continuous training. One of the final outputs of the project is the creation of a board-game which tries to recreate the evolution of a family through several steps of evolution: from the first period of life, when the players are still youngsters, to the retirement.

During the activities, the participants of the LTTA had to try the game and give a feedback regarding the rules and the modalities of playing, interacting each other and discussing about the mechanics of the game.

The final steps of the project will be defined during the Final TM of April, which will take place in Palermo, Italy.

For any further information, you can follow up the project on Facebook and Instagram pages.