On 10 November the Italian pilot phase of the project “GAMMOPOLY – The game of life for adult education ended. The project (project code 2019-1-RO01-KA204-063821) is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme (KA2, strategic partnership for the innovation of good practices in the adult sector).

The pilot phase saw the collaboration between CEIPES and the Palermo school L’I.I.S.S PIO LA TORRE. Thanks to the institute’s contribution, the CEIPES was able to test, together with the classes of the night school, the board game “GAMMOPOLY – Playing together”. The board game is the intellectual product of the project, created by the partners, with which it pursues the objective of providing a new learning tool to improve the quality of life both personally and professionally for adults.

Adults are in fact the main target group of the project.

The game simulates reality based on the various life cycles of the individual. Participants then experience the various activities that are usually relevant to a specific phase of life, allowing the player to understand which is the best strategy to implement.

Although the main objective of the pilot phase was to test the board game, i.e. to play it, CEIPES was also involved in transferring knowledge about Gamification, the methodology used in the project to create the board game. 

It was a great moment as the participants experienced the possibility of using the game as a learning tool, the feedback given were very positive.

The game is still in the testing phase but as soon as possible it will be available for free on the project website. The game is in Print&Play version, so anyone can download it and play it at home or anywhere!


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